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Best Place to Watch UFC Fights

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I've seen my share of fights in person, from both inside and outside the ring. Short of fighting yourself, the atmosphere of the crowd when you're watching the fights in person is hard to beat, but for most of us getting to a live UFC event (especially every two weeks or so) is almost impossible.

Of course, there's television. The preliminary fights are usually on one of the cable channels, FUEL or FX most often. The main event and the main card fights, however, are often on pay-per-view and can run you $54.99 for the high definition PPV event. That's for the privilege of watching TV in your home. Comfortable, but not really a live fight atmosphere, unless you happen to have a giant entertainment room and invite 10 or 20 of your closest fight fan friends. If you do that, there's the added cost of food and beverages for the whole gang. Not to mention the Sunday morning clean-up. Once in a while perhaps, but not every couple of weeks.

For me, the best place to watch the UFC fights is Buffalo Wild Wings. They show the preliminary fights on the free channels, and they are licensed to show the PPV event on their big screens. By the time, the PPV comes on, almost everyone in the place is there for the sole purpose of watching the fights.

People root for their favorites, groan when someone take a big shot, and tell their friends at the table next to them what the professional fighter should be doing. Depending upon who's fighting for the title, you may even see folks holding up a Brazilian flag from time to time. There may even be a bit of good-natured taunting back and forth between tables if they get too vocal about their support for one fighter or another.

The food is pretty good for snacking throughout the evening: dozens of hot wing sauces, a good selection of appetizers to share around the table, and whatever you want for beverages. I generally order a couple appetizers to get started and then add one or two more every hour or so throughout the night.

If you stick to a beer or two or free refills on soft drinks, two people can enjoy an evening watching the UFC at Buffalo Wild Wings (with food and drink provided) for about the same cost as buying the UFC pay-per-view event. For my money, that's a much better deal. Plus, someone else gets to worry about cleaning up.

Without a doubt, the best place to watch the fights is ringside. If that's not possible, then try Buffalo Wild Wings, I'll be at the Rochester location tonight to watch UFC 157 and the prelims. For the record, I expect to see Lyoto Machida defeat Henderson tonight.
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